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When I hire Dallas Projects Unlimited, who does the work?
Our owner and master homeman, Trey Gourley, completes all projects from start to finish.  In some cases, we will contract out parts of the job to reputable, reliable specialists.  In this instance, Trey will be on site, personally overseeing the subcontractors part of the project.

I want to do some remodeling at my house, what is the process?
First, we’ll come out to take a look and talk about what you want.  We want to be sure that all details are considered and that we have a full understanding of your vision.  Then we’ll do an estimate for all needed materials, labor, and expected time to complete the project.  Finally, once you accept the estimate, we’ll get to work on your project!

What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer?
Your satisfaction is the goal of all projects.  We pride ourselves on professionalism, honesty, and integrity.  Our project is not complete unless our customer is satisfied!   

Will I need to have or purchase the necessary materials to complete the job?
No – as part of the estimate, all expected materials needed to complete the job will be included, and we will be responsible for all purchasing.  Our goal is to make it easy for you!

How do you not charge for an estimate?
While most handyman charge for an estimate, we believe that we can’t do a job right without first letting the customer know what to expect.  In some cases, this adds a great deal of time in research, but we feel it’s an important part of the process.

Are you insured?
Yes – Dallas Projects Unlimited is fully insured.  This is important because it puts the responsibility of the projects we do, on us; and it gives you – the homeowner, peace of mind when inviting us into your home.

How do you charge?
For maintenance or repairs, we generally charge by the hour.  And – if you have a long list, we’ll work out a daily rate for you.  For more extensive jobs, we do a free estimate for the cost to complete your project.  In this case, a job cost will be established based on the expected time and labor to complete your project.

I need some simple maintenance tips to keep from having costly repairs around the house – what do you suggest?
Regular maintenance on your home is the best way to prevent costly repairs. 
# 1 - Get your air conditioner checked twice a year – in the cool season and in the warm season.
# 2 - Change your air filter every month.  This will keep the quality of air in your home up to standard, and keep your unit from having to work harder to maintain temperature.
# 3 - Check for leaks and cracks at windows and door frames where air gets through.  Having a good seal is a low cost way to keep your electricity bill down and your home energy efficient.
# 4 – Call us for any specific concerns or issues you are having –             we are ready to answer your questions, and address your specific needs!

What areas do you cover?
Dallas Projects Unlimited is based in Dallas, TX, and we cover all of DFW and surrounding areas.  And we’ve even been known to travel to Houston, Austin, and all around Texas for projects.

Are plumbing and electrical available?
We can perform minor repairs and fixes.  For major plumbing and electrical jobs we will work with licensed subcontractors.  In this case, we handle all the planning, and include it in our estimate; as well as personally oversee the work being done. 

What are some tips you can offer for better energy efficiency for my home?
# 1 – Get a programmable thermostat.  This is a low cost way to be sure that you are comfortable in your home, without cooling or heating all day while you are not there.  It’s easy to install, set, and forget.  This is the first investment you should make to your home. 
# 2 – Have efficient windows.  Not only will you be pleased with the appearance of new windows, the money you can save on your electric bills will be a huge bonus, and in time, this investment will pay for itself.
# 3 – Keep up regular maintenance.  This is one of those things that so easily gets overlooked and dismissed, but keeping up regular maintenance on your home will save you money.
# 4 – Don’t wait for a small repair to become a big one.  Too often, costly repairs start out as something minor, and grow into bigger problems when not addressed.
# 5 – Have Dallas Projects Unlimited out to look at your home and specific needs.  We will give your home a full inspection and make suggestions for ways to preserve energy, and save money!

I’m wanting do some work to get my house ready to sell.  Can you help me with this process?
Absolutely!  We have relationships with some of the best realtors, home stagers, and designers in the DFW metroplex.  Together, we can develop a game plan for you to get the most benefit of the work done, and be in prime shape to sell!

I can’t afford a big remodel right now, but I want to spruce up my home.  What can I do?
Depending on your priorities, we’ll work with you to determine what you are wanting and ways to achieve your goals without it being a big project.  For example, if you want new kitchen cabinets – we can estimate to resurface your exiting cabinetry, rather than replace it entirely.  Whatever your goal is, we can work with you to determine the best outcome for your budget.

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